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Can you say how much the safety costs? Is it really possible to measure it in money? Surely, yes, it is, when we talk about losses of profit, financial risks, lost investments and untrustworthy partners. This list can go into infinity and if you are willing to count regular losses (furthermore non-material losses, sometimes) you neednt worry about security.

Fortunately our partners have chosen another way.

Why do such companies as REEMSTMA, JVC, US-Russia Investment Fund Delta Capital trust us their safety? Why do such restaurants as SHINOK, BOCHKA, PUSHKIN, which have become arbiters of the restaurant world, employ our services over a period of many years? Because for 15 years, taking upon ourselves the responsibility for our clients safety, we satisfy their needs by means of the creation of personal integrated system.

In 1989 a group of enthusiasts created a security agency called ALEX. In the course of time it developed into a group of companies united with one common task support of companies and their managers under conditions of business in Russia.

Nowadays ALEX trade mark is ALEX SECURITY Company, ALEX Detective Agency, ADVISOR Audit Company and Security School. This group of companies provides the safety of clients at all levels and its work keystone is not only the settling, but the before-the-fact prevention of problems.

Speaking about personal systems we mean our employees knowledge and preparedness to provide not only physical protection but systems of integrated safety including hardware and technical check, commercial safety and law support. Our specialists professional average length of service is 12 years and it is not just a figure, it means wide experience, high qualification and capability to foresee the situation.

Under the circumstances of modern business the company managers of any level want to be absolutely sure of personal safety as well as partners reliability, commercial, informational and legal safety. We, ALEX Group, are ready to give you this sureness!


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