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What is the successful business formula?

It is your confidence in partners, correct management, financial stability and reliable personnel.

The latter gives rise to the managers doubt and anxiety, especially if he cannot permanently control the entire staff.

Let us solve this problem.

Given: An employee who deals with your clients money. Moreover, he takes money not for great service but for violation of work regulations. You do not have this money in your cash and also it causes harm to your business.

Question: How to check this suspected employee?

Necessary condition: Confidence and reliability.

Solution: Creation of certain system to check you personnels loyalty; that is to say: your personnels loyalty must be checked just at work by specially trained people who look like your typical clients

Answer: Employing ALEX Group of Companies you can make this check without spending your time. Every month you get an activity report stating actions, date and place of check. If a violation is revealed you are immediately informed about it. Usually the personnels loyalty check consists of 6 checks a month, either at no fixed hours or at time you specify.

Offering individual security program we emphasize that we are ready to design a special system of control for the very situation of your company.


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