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Economic intelligence, commercial intelligence, business intelligence, competition reconnaissance, gathering of commercial information. Though these notions are slightly different and particular, we can consider them to be synonyms. Regardless of its name and destination the economic intelligence includes three directions of work. The first is the gathering of information, the competitors monitoring, permitting to discover competitors plans on leadership appropriation or other actions which are dangerous for your company. The second is the selection of the course of development. The third is the development of brand new approaches to the conduct of business that reveals the ways to the leadership appropriation for the company. Business intelligence is a special art, the art of deep investigations, patient monitoring and endurance. In ALEX Detective Agency there is a specialized department offering such services.

Business partners unconscientiousness, marriage frauds, falsification of identity documents, providing of false information This is an incomplete list of reasons to prove the need of loyalty test. The detectives task is to reveal the lies and immediately gather and prepare necessary information for taking actions. In ALEX detective agency there is a specialized department offering such services.


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