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Site protection is our activity direction which has our customers constant demand. The list of sites we offer our services for includes offices and production plants, casinos and restaurants, concert halls and night clubs and many others. The protection helps to:

  • Protect the clients personnel at work,
  • Ensure the normal work of site and safety of material values,
  • Ensure the normal work of site and safety of material values,
  • Avoid undesirable guests.

The protection reliability is ensured by the employees of the Agency who are strictly selected and perfectly trained.

Future security officers have to take versatile tests, interviews and checks. After entrance examination approved probationers enter training departments where they study the principles of security officer job during some months. During this period we finally check the probationers, arrange the obtaining of personal security license for them, and certainly, we eliminate incompetent probationers. Those who successfully finish the training can begin their work at our customers sites.


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